John Alexander Biography

Born in Scotland and having spent time in Malta--where his father, an officer in the British Royal Navy, was stationed--John Alexander has made a career out of playing highly specialized and physical character roles in sophisticated adventure films. A favorite of special effects gurus Rick Baker and the late Stan Winston, he is often found buried under extensive make-up or wrapped in complex animatronic suits. Alexander originally found his calling back in his native Scotland, where he studied at the Celtic Ballet School. It was here that he began building his background in movement and acrobatics; experience that would serve him well in the coming years.

Beginning his career as a circus performer while in his teens, Alexander was discovered by a French comedy acrobatic act, The Ghezzies, and was offered a contract. From there he traveled Europe, doing stints on television and in cabaret acts for years, before committing to the theatre full time in London. It was while working at the London Palladium for two years, in Barnum starring Michael Crawford, that his first film work came about through the answering of a blind ad for a project that would become Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, a role that required him to wear a complicated gorilla suit for Rick Baker.

More film work followed in such notable roles as both the Cowardly Lion and one of the manic Wheelers in Disney's Return To Oz and the gorilla Digit in Warner Bros. Gorillas In The Mist. In addition to playing several more gorilla roles in such movies as Baby's Day Out, Congo, Mighty Joe Young, Fierce Creatures and Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes, Alexander has played a variety of diverse roles, including the alien Mikey in Men In Black, Will Smith's nemesis Jarra in Men In Black 2, one of the Who's of Whoville in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, a Country Bear in Disney's The Country Bears, the Robot in Zathura and most recently, the disembodied character of Johann Krauss and the Bethmoora Goblin in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. He has also acted as Consultant, Choreographer and Puppeteer in many special effects extravaganzas.

To date, Alexander has one of the more interesting resumes in Hollywood, boasting such skills as acting, dance, acrobatics, prosthetics and mask work, puppeteering, creature movement, fight arrangement, horse riding and unicycle. He looks forward to adding to that resume at every opportunity.

John Alexander Filmography

* Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - Johann Krauss/Bethmoora Goblin (2008)
* Zathura: A Space Adventure - Robot (2005)
* Men In Black 2 - Jarra/Family Dad Alien (2002)
* The Country Bears - Big Al (2002)
* When Zombies Attack!! - Mr. Chapman (2001)
* Planet Of The Apes - Ape Dinner Guest/Old Servant/Old Ape #1 (2001)
* How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Who Shopper (2000)
* Mighty Joe Young - Joe (1998)
* Men In Black - Mikey (1997)
* Fierce Creatures - Jambo the Gorilla (1997)
* Congo - Gorilla (1995)
* Baby's Day Out - Gorilla (1994)
* Jeeves & Wooster - (TV) Gorilla (1993)
* Gorillas In The Mist - Digit (1988)
* The Bride - Circus Performer (1985)
* Return To Oz - Cowardly Lion/Wheeler (1985)
* Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes - White Eyes (1984)

Miscellaneous Crew Work

* The Animal - Consultant (2001)
* George Of The Jungle - Gorilla Choreographer (1997)
* The Relic - Kothoga Choreographer (1997)
* The Edge - Animal Movement Consultant (1997)
* Ed - Animal Choreographer (1996)
* The Flintstones - Puppeteer (1994)
* Little Shop Of Horrors - Principal Puppeteer (1986)
* Santa Claus: The Movie - Puppeteer (1985)

As Johann Krauss, in Hellboy II

As the evil Jarra, in Men In Black 2

As Joe, in Mighty Joe Young

As the Old Servant, in Planet Of The Apes

As the Bethmoora Goblin, in Hellboy II

As the alien Mikey, in Men In Black


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